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Sisi inaugurates Berenice Airport south of Red Sea
 President Abdel-Fattah el-Sisi on Wednesday, along with UAE Crown Prince Mohamed bin Zayed, opened Berenice International Airport, as part of the inauguration of Berenice military base, south of the Red Sea. During his tour, the President listened to a detailed explanation about the airport, which was implemented in record time with the highest international standards and specifications in the field of international airports, state’s Akhbar Al-Youm reported. The airport has a runway of 3.65 kilometers and width of 45 meters. The airport terminal has a capacity of 600 passengers as it was built on an area of 9600 meter square. The Berenice military base in Egypt’s southeastern governorate Red Sea governorate has an airbase and a naval base, according to local media, and was built over a course of a year on 150,000 feddans (155,676 acres). It aims for protecting investments and natural resources and for facing security threats in the Red Sea. It also aims to secure the international navigation between the Red Sea and the Suez Canal linking the Red Sea to the Mediterranean Sea. During the inauguration ceremony, Mohamed bin Zayed said has tweeted, saying that he arrived in Red Sea governorate to share with the “brotherly Egyptian people its national, developmental and civilized achievements.”
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